Retro Gaming: Mario Party 3 N64

And we’ve come to Mario Party 3! Which I personally find the best Mario Party available on the N64! It has the best Mini games and the gameplay feels faster than the previous two games, which makes it more fun to play! Mario Party 3 also introduced the Shy guys into the game. They can […]

Mario Party 2 N64

Retro Gaming: Mario Party 2 N64

Time for another Mario Party! It was real fun playing Mario Party 2! No huge changes in Mario Party 2 except for new items to use, like the magic lamp! I was all the game last till the last 5 turns and that magic lamp saved my ass and I won the game   😈 I […]

Mario Party N64

Retro gaming: Mario Party N64

Today I played some retro games again. I’m gonna try to play some retro games every month. Me and my girl we promised ourselves to do this. 🙂 This month I’m playing all Mario Party games! I’m starting with Mario Party for Nintendo 64! This was the first Mario Party released on console! And it’s real fun!  😀 I […]


Happy New Year!!

2014 was a great year for Nintendo and 2015 is gonna be an even greater year, as well for me! I’m getting married in June which is gonna be very exciting! Really looking forward to it! 🙂 In the new year I’m also gonna keep my mind focused on keeping this blog up to date and also […]


Game & Wario European release date announced!

Wario is back! and how! A new collection of mini games will launch on the Wii U in Europe on 28th June. This game is supposed to let people know what the power is of the gamepad. It introduces many of its features inside the mini games. For example: – Use it as a CAMERA, […]


Luigi’s Mansion 2 Dark Moon

Another release has been Luigi’s Mansion 2 for Nintendo 3DS!  (Covers and inlays are from Dutch EU version) It’s been since 2001 on the Gamecube that we have seen the first one in this series! We waited long.. but was it worth it? YEAH it really was! The game is awesome! The vibe is good, […]


Lego City Undercover released!

And finally Lego City Undercover was released! Me so happy with my Limited Edition! I was always a fan of Lego when I was a child so the little figurine of Chase McCain makes me think of the days I build my own Lego City! Trying the game this week so expect a review from […]


Wii mini unboxing

Finally our Wii Mini has arrived! As promised here are the unboxing pictures! ^_^ Opening the box from Amazon: The cover looks beautiful with the Red and Black colors: After opening the front sleeve we find the manual and the club Nintendo points card: Underneath the manual we find the Wii mini logo: In the […]


Wii mini release Europe

On 21 March they finally released the Nintendo Wii mini in Europe! Why others may think it’s an unnessesary console, I think it’s a very nice one! ^_^ I’m  a Nintendo collector so for me it’s a real awesome console! The only problem I have with it getting released here is that they didn’t announce […]